Learn On The Job

BBDO Düsseldorf is pulling a Wieden and opening its own “school” for aspiring creatives. I’ve always thought of the agency business as a guild. From the looks of its new crest, BBDO may share this vision.

NYC Aims To Add Color To Ad Agencies

An eye-opening story in today’s New York Times takes a look at minority hiring practices–and salaries–in New York City’s ad scene. Finding that just 2 percent of the upper echelon of the advertising industry is black, New York City officials said yesterday that they had reached agreements with several of the nation’s biggest ad firms […]

Who Will Lead Draft FCB To Creative Stardom?

Like any good reporter Lewis Lazare hears things. The bloodletting among upper management has begun as the final stages of the merger between Draft and Foote Cone & Belding begins to unfold. Among the first of the top honchos to go is FCB/New York CEO Steve Centrillo. He had been closely aligned with the already […]

A New Flavor Of Advertising

Over at BusinessWeek, Jon Fine examines the impact of FlavorPill. Flavorpill was once a list of cultural events that co-founders Sascha Lewis and Mark Mangan sent out to a few pals in New York. It’s now an e-mail that goes out to a few hundred thousand subscribers in four U.S. cities and London. It owns […]

San Francisco Creative Team On High Fiber Diet

“We’ve hit a milestone here at Hub,” says DJ O’Neil, Founder/Creative Director of Hub Strategy. “We used the word “poop” in two different ads in the same month, for two different clients in two different mediums. On top of that, we used the word “poop” cleverly in a new business pitch. We are all extremely […]

Doner Finally Gets A Website

Six months after I wondered why Doner was seemingly the only ad agency without a website, now they’ve got one. Check it out. Was it worth the wait?

Bogusky Blends In

Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s new Boulder, Colorado office is bandwidth-rich, to put it mildly. In the middle of a long article about the agency’s move to Mork and Mindy’s hood, Adweek reveals how the two offices plan to use technology to stay in touch. Off to the side of the lobby, parked outside a corner […]

Are Interactive Creatives Working In Their Own Ghetto?

Normally, an agency like Fallon doesn’t have to go around placing classified ads to entice people to join its creative department. But, as as we noted a while back, interactive creatives are much in demand. So Fallon has placed an ad on CreativeHotlist for an interactive copywriter. Fallon would like to hire a writer. But […]