Pepsi Says “You’re Fired”

Pepsi was the choice of a new generation and a foundational client for many in Adlandia. But some of those ad pros are being handed their jocks this week, as Pepsi prunes its list of North American agencies on the roster from from 150 to about 50. In related news, CEO Indra Nooyi also said […]

Advertising’s Top Creatives For A More Creative Economy

Why do I feel like Dan Wieden and crew have a not-so-secret deal with the White House to promote American values in this time of trouble? Probably because it shows in the agency’s reel. Clearly, bailing out Wall Street and Detroit’s automakers was a political act; therefore, reshaping those brands is an also a political […]

Conceived, Incubated and Delivered in L.A.


David&Goliath and Siltanen & Partners in El Segundo; Saatchi & Saatchi in Torrance; Team One in El Segundo; RPA in Santa Monica; and Innocean in Huntington Beach. All have been toiling away on Super Bowl commercials for their clients. Meg James of Los Angeles Times notes that 20 of this Sunday’s Super Bowl commercials, including […]

Made In Mexico, Marketed In Mexico, Downed In The U.S.A.

According to Ad Age, Heineken’s Tecate beer brand is moving U.S. advertising from Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners’ U.S. Hispanic unit Ramona to its longtime Mexican agency, Olabuenaga Chemistri. The consolidation, which will save costs, means all Tecate and Tecate Light U.S. advertising — including digital — will be run from south of the border, […]

Perception Is Reality, Until You Bend It Into Shape

Aging Ad Execs Seeking Jobs Are Struggling to Stay Relevant | News - Advertising Age

I appreciate Rupal Parekh’s effort to shine a light on the plight of aging workers in the Ad biz. Parekh focuses in on Dave Shea, 56, a copywriter/creative director in Princeton, New Jersey, and the difficulty he’s facing finding a full time agency job today. The aging of the ad business in the digital era […]

The 3% Conference Aims To Bring Female CDs Together


I’d say my advertising career as a copywriter has been a bit unusual in one sense: Most of the CDs I directly reported to have been women. But it’s not that way for most people, nor are many of the top CD slots at agencies held by women. To call attention to the issue, and […]

Geeks And Quants Shall Inherent The Agency

Deloitte | Übermind-2

Everyone wants to be an agency today. You know, because we’re all creatives up in this joint. We just need to release the artiste within. To wit, Ad Age reports that Deloitte recently paid $40 million for Seattle-based mobile shop Übermind. “It’s no longer an option to have a bad user experience, so having agency-type […]

Grab A Partner, Solve A Problem


As agencies struggle to redefine themselves in this newer and leaner economy, new organizational constructs built on collaboration and trust are beginning to emerge. Fast Company points to one such configuration taking shape in Norway. While many ad shops have bolted on digital capabilities and called themselves “integrated,” TRY/APT has made the deliberate choice to […]

Advertising Is A Drill, Not A Hole

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!” -Theodore Levitt Puzzling over what people at ad agencies actually do with their days (and nights), Faris Yakob advises that “it’s important to remember that advertising is a drill, not a hole.” What he means is ad agencies may consistently output ads, […]

Are The Fundamentals Of Advertising Fundamental Anymore?

Have you looked at this year’s CA Advertising Annual? Did you see any print ads or commercials that made you, “Holy shit, that’s cool’? Clearly, whatever innovation the advertising industry is doing is concentrated in new media technologies and tactics. So are the fundamentals worth teaching and practicing anymore? Why should we care about the […]