Opportunity Knocks

Ad Age takes an accusatory tone in an article about top level creatives leaving one shop for another. McGarryBowen has been stealing Walt Disney Co.’s theme-parks creative work away from Leo Burnett, and now it’s swiping some of Burnett’s Disney creatives as well. The independent New York-based agency has hired Ned Crowley and Jonathan Moore […]

From A City Of Idealists Comes An Agency With Attitude

According to Ad Age, Shine Advertising of Madison, Wisconsin, could not simultaneously meet Bob Parson’s creative demands and live with themselves. A little more than a month after winning the GoDaddy.com account, independent Shine Advertising has resigned, citing irreconcilable creative differences. The shop also renounced responsibility for the GoDaddy work that will appear during the […]

Geography No Obstacle

Ad Age reports on one agency’s solution to the industry-wide shortage of Spanish-speaking creatives. In an innovative solution to the chronic talent shortage facing the U.S. Hispanic market, one Latino shop is going where the creatives are: Buenos Aires. Los Angeles-based independent Grupo Gallegos is opening an office this month in Argentina, where creative teams […]

Will Diversity In Firing Reflect Diversity In Hiring?

This Ad Age chart shows, in actual percentages and numbers, the mandates for diversity hiring in New York City’s advertising agencies. But we all know how unpredictable the ad industry is, and inevitably, some of these ad agencies may hire new staff only to fire them if they lose business. So will their layoffs reflect […]

A New Spoke On The Marketing Services Wheel

The Wall Street Journal is running a piece on BrightLine, a 15-person Manhattan firm that takes ideas for traditional ads and figures out how those concepts can function in venues such as video on demand and digital video recorders. Tweaking traditional ad ideas for on-demand services is a niche specialty, falling somewhere between traditional media […]

Why Is Sprint/Nextel Agitating The Dots With A Review?

I’m not the target market, but a lot of the recent Sprint/Nextel work has made me chuckle. Like this spot. And I don’t laugh much at what comes on TV randomly. But according to Adweek, Sprint/Nextel is looking to consolidate its account at one agency. There’s $1 billion at stake: The client is seeking a […]

JWT Says Iceland And Soft Natural Hair Are “In”

This is pretty good. On PRNewswire, you can see the list of 70 things JWT trendspotters say are “in” for 2007. “Trends are illustrated by the products and services that exemplify them,” says leading trendspotter Marian Salzman, EVP, chief marketing officer of JWT Worldwide and co-author of the new book Next Now (Palgrave Macmillan), a […]

Pyramids Inverted

The Wall Street Journal chimes on the shifting dynamics underway in the agency world. Facing unprecedented upheaval in the advertising and media industries, big ad holding companies and their agency units are rethinking how they’re organized. Under pressure from marketers, agencies are starting to restructure operations by aligning their creative sides with less glamorous parts […]