Disabled Veterans Are Also Overlooked In The Ad Biz

Normally, I wouldn’t have had my radar too high on this issue, but as I read about the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center this weekend, it reminded me that all too often, we simply don’t, as a society, offer as much support to our veterans as they deserve. Neither does the ad […]

A Little Respect

I can’t tell who’s written it by looking at the online version, but there’s a great column in this week’s Adweek about agency-client relationships, and the basic respect all people deserve, especially when dealing with tough clients: There was a quote in a recent New York Times ad column detailing a consumer-generated television commercial for […]

Sam Ewen Talks. Finally.

In the big hubbub about the Boston Cartoon Network bomb scare thing, I thought it was very strange how the CEO of Interference Inc., Sam Ewen, seemed to disappear, issuing only a written statement while his hired guns went to jail and the CEO of Cartoon Network had to resign. Now, two weeks later, he’s […]

New At The Zoo: Sally & Seth Naked And My New Column

Two things of note today on Talent Zoo. First, Sally Hogshead returns with The Naked Career podcast featuring Seth Godin. My TZ spies tell me, “This is the first time Seth has directly addressed the ad industry and the fact that they are in dire need of self-reinvention.” Second, Dinosaurs, Cockroaches, and Guerrillas, my new […]

Now for Some Good News Out of Baltimore

“Some people got hopes and dreams; Some people got ways and means.” -Bob Marley The ad above is the work of creatives at Exit 10, an agency formed by ex-Eisnerites 11 months before the end of Eisner. [UPDATE] Click here for more recent work (for CSX Railroad) from Exit 10. Apparently drunk college students have […]

Atlanta Art Director Needed

Don’t let “The Google” fool you–this is an old posting, I posted this back in February 2007. How would you like to work with me? And my agency? Partners + Napier in Atlanta is looking for an Art Director, full-time. Someone with a bit of experience who’s ready to step into a Senior role. I […]

Hell Hath Frozen Over

According to today’s WSJ (paid sub. req.), Agency.com in the U.K. has been hired by Ikea to make print and outdoor ads, in addition to the digital work the shop already handles. It is possible that Agency.com could make TV spots in the future, an Ikea spokeswoman says. Other digital agencies are starting to gain […]

Ads On Auto Pilot

It’s nearly impossible to do something creative with stock footage. But it looks like Zimmerman found a way. From the NYT: Zimmerman Zimmerman Advertising, an advertising agency that is part of the Omnicom Group, is selling stock advertising and online buying for TV, the Internet, print publications, radio, direct mail and in-store ads. The automated […]