Sugartown Creative Courts Sweeter Deal

NYT: Most everyone on Madison Avenue waxes rhapsodic about the “partnerships” between agencies and their clients, ignoring the reality that agencies all too often prove about as indispensable as Pez. Now, a boutique agency is hoping to rectify that by actually going into business with a client. The boutique, Sugartown Creative in New York, is […]

Interactive Is Relationship Marketing

Ad Age has selected R/GA as its interactive agency of the year. Under CEO-Chief Creative Director Robert Greenberg, the agency is defining advertising in a customer-centric evolving age. The agency’s big idea is that while today consumers demand to be in control, their interaction with a brand is not always enacted through the Web or […]

Crispin Gets Big–Big Enough For A NYT Story

Jay Chiat used to ask “How big can we get before we get bad?” Today, The New York Times asks that question about CB&P. Some skeptics see Crispin and like-minded agencies as a temporary blip. “The big agencies are saying that being big doesn’t mean you can’t be creative, and they’re going to prove it,” […]

Crispin Would Rather Burn Out Than Fade Away

Lewis Lazare: He’s baaaack! Thomas Kemeny that is, the plucky Columbia College/Chicago valedictorian who graduated last spring with the dream of becoming an ad man. Soon after graduating, Kemeny departed for an internship at the very hot and happening Crispin Porter + Bogusky ad agency in Miami. Now Kemeny has returned to Chicago, where he […]

Along The Path To A Sale a.k.a. Sway

Lewis Lazare: Chicago-based veteran creative Gordon Robertson is giving Chicago something it needs more of — a new boutique ad agency. Robertson is teaming with Brainforest, a design firm specializing in Web, identity and strategic development, to launch the city’s newest boutique shop, called Sway Creative Group, which will function as the advertising division at […]

Puddletown Rooftop

I challenge you to show us a nicer deck in all of advertising. Thanks to W+K brand planner, Sudeep Gohil, for sharing his images, and to Steve Hall for uncovering them. Share

Ad Peeps Have Aesthetic Responsibilities

Sedgwick Road says they do pro-bono work for Seattle Art Museum, “because we believe in making advertising that’s not just effective but aesthetic. The campaign for the Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism exhibit generated attendance 59% over goal and revenue 69% over goal.” Share

A Major Draft

According to Lewis Lazare, the marketing communications division of Lowe in Mexico City is being rebranded as Draft Mexico. The operation in Mexico brings Chicago-based Draft’s global presence to 40 offices in 26 countries. In other Lazarian news… Berlin Cameron, a relatively young boutique agency, lost the $200 million Samsung account to Leo Burnett. The […]

Capitalizing on the Neil French Debacle

Courtesy of the tip line (thanks George), it didn’t take long for someone to capitalize on the Neil French Debacle. Hart + Larsson, an upstart studio in NYC found by two “deviant creatives, or creative deviants, whichever you prefer,” offers a humurous play on a help wanted ad. (note to Hart + Larsson: make your text […]

You Want Transparency I’ll Show You Transparency

It takes guts to be transparent. Blog eveangelists often cite transparency as a key blog benefit, but they don’t say a giant set of cojones is required to operate the thing. Robbin Phillips is a CEO up to the transparency challenge. Here’s how she handled a recent flub up. Brains on Fire was given a […]