Targeted Ads Hit A Bullseye To Get Lou Dobbs Off The Air

From comes a fascinating look at the microtargeted ads that were used to ramp up the pressure on CNN to do something about Lou Dobbs and his increasingly controversial views. Josh Koster and Tyler Davis of digital consultancy Chong + Koster explain: We needed to gain and keep the press’ attention, so we deployed […]

Keeping The Economy Afloat

Waterways Council is a public policy organization advocating a modern and well-maintained national system of ports and inland waterways. The group is supported by waterways carriers, shippers, port authorities, shipping associations and waterways advocacy groups from all regions of the country. Cornel Martin, President/CEO of Waterways Council said, “Our nation’s ports and waterways are vitally […]

Why Draw Attention To The Problem? Because, There’s No Hiding From It.

Jim Edwards at BNET reports that Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide chairman Bob Seelert thinks Toyota should stop advertising until it gets its house in order, but the company says it will ignore its agency’s advice and continue to advertise. “Such a public disconnect on strategy between a senior agency official and a global client is […]

Crispin Porter & Sustainability

Note: The following video won’t begin to play right away, you need to wait about 15 to 20 seconds (forever in Internet time). Watch live video from FearLess Q+A on Alex Bogusky changed the pace today on his FearLess Q+A live Webcast. His guests, Hunter Lovins and Catherine Greener are ecologists, not marketers. Lovins […]

Fighting Words

PORTLAND–It’s a drizzly Thursday afternoon, but inside Paddy’s Bar on SW First and Yamhill things are amazingly clear. Dave Allen, a partner in Fight–the strategic marketing firm he launched last year with Justin Spohn and Rob Shields–is holding court. He asked me to join him in order to practice his agency’s pitch. I said yes […]

Kids Need Mentors. Adults Need A Laugh.

You’d think advocacy work for an organization like Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada would pull at one’s heart strings. But Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG went another way with their Early Bloomers campaign.

Palmetto Staters For Unfettered Capitalism

Unleashing Capitalism, a campaign from SC Policy Council and Atlanta’s Huey + Partners, claims to be a prescription for economic prosperity in South Carolina–the state with the 4th highest unemployment rate and the 3rd highest student drop out rate in the nation. SC Policy Council is pushing an agenda of limited government, free enterprise and […]

Request For Fairness (RFF)

Agencies and clients are peas in a pod. Right? Uh, not always. Jennifer Modarelli, president of White Horse in Portland, writing on Ad Age says the request for proposal process is messed up. Even though RFPs precede an actual business relationship, they contain an implied transaction: We’ll invest heavily in time, brainpower and, yes, emotion […]

Matters of the Heart

Diet Coke is supporting The Heart Truth with two new 15-second spots that will air tonight on American Idol. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland Director: Pistachios Production Company: Blacklist, New York Original Music: Charlie Campbell

Super Bowl Sunday — The Perfect Occasion for An Abortion Debate

University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will appear with his mom in a Super Bowl ad for Focus on the Family next month. According to and The Palm Beach Post, Tebow defended the 30-second ad in which he and his mother Pam are expected to discuss her decision not to have an abortion despite […]