Earth Day Every Day

Venables Bell & Partners has been studying Americans. One of the things the San Francisco agency found is a strong conscience and individual sense of duty to do their part when it comes to activities related to the green movement. Even though only 20% of respondents classify themselves as “green,” more than 80% of respondents […]

Pitch Your Wares At Your Own Risk

William Higham, founder of market research and trend consultancy The Next Big Thing, writing in Adweek presents a vision of just how radical a globally connected group of information sharers is. The more information consumers have at their fingertips, the greater their power. The Internet is a huge enabler, and increased Web access and the […]

Tomorrow Is Record Store Day

Do yourself, your local record store and the economy some good this weekend–walk in with cash and out with music. Here’s Dave Schools, bass player in Widespread Panic, talkin’ it up… Share

When Marketing A Non-Renewable Resource, It Makes Sense To Promote Its Wise Use

Xcel Energy’s new campaign from Vladimir Jones is focused on the company’s customers and their priorities, like cost savings. Learn more at Share

Movie Poster-Style Ads Tell A Story, Sadly The Real Story Isn’t Ready For Prime Time

There are no winners in war. Yet, to come out ahead, you need to capture more than enemy strongholds, you need to reach the hearts and minds of the people. That’s why soldier-marketer, Lt. Col. Allen McCormick, is deploying the marketing expertise he gained at Procter & Gamble to “target” Afghan citizens with ads, not […]

Still An Unusual Sight

It’s still unusual to see people in wheelchairs in commercials. But that’s part of the point this spot makes: Share

Cities Desperate For Some Google Fiber In Their Diets

Google is planning to test ultra-high speed broadband networks in one or more trial locations across the country. Municipalities with populations from 50,000 to 500,000 have until today to get their bids in. But many cities are going well beyond the required Request for Information–they’re creating advocacy campaigns to interest the decision makers in Mountain […]

Scaling Mountains And Toppling Dams–It’s All In A Day’s Work

Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard, appears in this commercial for the American Express Members Project, a new partnership with social-action network According to Patagonia’s blog, The Cleanest Line, the commercial was filmed in and around Ventura County by Oscar-winning cinematographer, Robert Richardson, and directed by Scott Hicks. Chouinard is donating all proceeds he receives from […]

Making Complex Matters Less So

Impossible Hamster is a project from the new economics foundation, an independent think-and-do tank based in the U.K. [via Osocio] Share

Targeted Ads Hit A Bullseye To Get Lou Dobbs Off The Air

From comes a fascinating look at the microtargeted ads that were used to ramp up the pressure on CNN to do something about Lou Dobbs and his increasingly controversial views. Josh Koster and Tyler Davis of digital consultancy Chong + Koster explain: We needed to gain and keep the press’ attention, so we deployed […]