Hacking Your Way To The Corner Office

BBH Labs/New York is looking for a Creative Technologist to join their team and help them “make things.” Here’s what BBH’s ideal candidate looks like: You never stop tinkering, playing with things, hacking and combining to create new species. Your life is a digital social experiment; the way you live exposes the way you think, […]

Google Goggles And The Rise of Geo-Based Real Time Advertising

Google Goggles sounds like a joke but it’s no joke. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Typing on a cell phone is tough to do and voice recognition software is inexact. Google’s new visual search for Android phones is an interesting answer to these problems. From a mobile marketing perspective, the idea that highly […]

The Google Is Coming. The Google Is Coming.

Google is coming to your city or a city near you, and when they arrive the Internet in said city is going to be extremely fast. According to Washington Post, by showcasing an ultra-fast broadband network, the company highlights its push for better consumer applications and shows support for the Obama administration’s proposal to bring […]

You’re Invited To Steve’s iPad

In advance of today’s product announcement from Apple, Forbes spoke to some people in the ad biz to get their take on what the iPad means for marketers. Jeremy Lockhorn, director of emerging media at digital agency Razorfish, believes the iPad will enable richer interactive experiences. “When viewing an episode of TV’s Mad Men, for […]

Scan At Your Leisure

Magazines lost one quarter of their advertising pages in 2009. That’s a pretty serious dent in the old revenue bucket. How will publishers reverse the trend in 2010? Stephanie Clifford of The New York Times reports that Esquire, for one, is looking to improve its editorial product via the use of integrated technology. Relying on […]

Are Free Tunes Worth Watching Ads For?

The premise of FreeAllMusic.com is very simple: view an ad, download a song. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports: Richard Nailling, the company’s CEO, has been selling the idea to advertisers and music labels, including Universal Music Group, one of the world’s biggest music companies. Lionsgate Films, Warner Bros., LG and Zappos have signed up to advertise. […]

Google’s Dialing Apple’s Number

Introduced yesterday, the much awaited Google phone, known as Nexus One is now available directly from the search giant’s site. It’s $179 with a two-year data plan from T-Mobile or $529 unlocked. According to The New York Times, Google is “dipping its toes in the direct retailing business not to reap profits from the sale […]

Screens Down

Renny Gleeson is Wieden + Kennedy’s global director of digital strategy. As such, he’s jacked in to the machine big time. Yet, he remains just distant enough to see himself. There is something beautiful, terrifying and powerful about the rise of ambient intimacy, and our willing adoption of the latest and greatest tools to feed […]

Keeping Web Tracking On Track

With so much focus on accountability and ROI, there’s an increasing pressure on agencies to prove their advertising works. And with interactive, agencies are asked to provide detailed metrics whenever possible. The trouble is, the more consumers know about how much they’re tracked online, the more they don’t like it. So with the specter of […]

This Print Is Jumpin’

Sometimes a demo is just what the doctor ordered. This is one of those times. Andrew Bell of Barbarian Group explains how the project came together. This is all the result of a three-way collaboration between the editorial staff of Esquire, the uber-talented designers at Psyop, and us. It was awesome getting to see first-hand […]