Coming To A Screen Near You: High-Def Digital Cinema

Wired: What do high-definition video of seafloor volcanoes and avant-garde Japanese digital cinema have in common? They’re both examples of the kinds of bandwidth-intensive information that can be streamed live from remote locations, over ultra-fast optical networks. And both were demonstrated this week at iGrid 2005. The week-long computing conference, which showcases research in high-performance, […]

directNIC Weathers Storm

Inc.: They worked around the clock or slept on the floor, ate a stash of food, and watched the streets break out into chaos below. But resilient Web hosting firm, a New Orleans branch of Intercosmos Media Group, kept much of Louisiana online at the height of Hurricane Katrina and through its aftermath. Holed […]

Space Not Too Far Out For Commercial Shoot

Associated Press: The makers of Japan’s favorite instant ramen noodles will soon be airing a commercial that’s truly out of this world. Starting next month, Nissin Food Products Co. will film a promotional spot on the International Space Station for Cup Noodle, featuring a sales pitch by a hungry Russian cosmonaut. The commercial will air […]

Batteries Stink

Toshiba Corporation has developed two prototype direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) units and begun tests to validate their operation with mobile audio players, bringing its practical use a major step closer. The new fuel cell units have an output power of 100mW and 300mW (providing up to 35 hours of device usage) and have been […]

No More Sleepless Nights

You’ve got a presentation at 10:00 am tomorrow, but all your concepts suck. What do you do? Order pizza. Have a beer to relax. Play ping pong. Blah blah blah. Thankfully, none of these lame rituals are any longer necessary. Now, helpless creatives can simply point their trusty browser to Deutsch Inc.’s The Ad Conceptor.

An Anti-Theft Device For Your Ideas

International Herald Tribune: Five years ago, Brian Hoolahan started File-Reg because he decided there was a better way to “prove who thought up what, and exactly when.” A former television producer, he said he began the company with a notion of creating a system for people in broadcasting to protect their ideas. Eventually, Hoolahan established […]

Spell It With Flickr

Image courtesy of Kastner. Thanks to Cool Hunting for the pointer.

Tracking, Tracking, Tracking

Wired brings more info to the table about Project Apollo Marketers are testing new techniques to measure whether advertisers’ messages are getting across, and they are prepared to spend vast sums and deploy astonishingly complex technologies to do so. To measure the impact of ad campaigns, VNU, the parent company of television-audience measurement firm Nielsen […]