To Make AdSense Work, Share The Wealth

NYT: Feeling depressed because you missed out on Google’s stock bonanza? Not to worry. Just get on the company’s shadow payroll. Hundreds of thousands of people have essentially done just that by starting blogs, forums or other informational sites and getting paid for posting ads on Google’s behalf. And while the money they earn might […]

Document Your Drunkenness

Shine Dance Lounge in San Francisco has updated the photobooth concept for the 21st century. Revelers can pop in to the booth and have four sequential images captured in a vertical format like they would at any five-and-dime (if such places still exist). The main difference here is the images are instantly loaded to photo-sharing […]

10/20/30 Blues

Guy Kawasaki wants you to clean up your Power Point mess. As a venture capitalist, I have to listen to hundreds of entrepreneurs pitch their companies. Most of these pitches are crap: sixty slides about a “patent pending,” “first mover advantage,” “all we have to do is get 1% of the people in China to […]

Click Fraud Competes With SPAM For Title Of “Most Heinous”

Wired: Pay-per-click is the fastest-growing segment of all advertising, reports the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Last year, Yahoo! alone ran more than 250 million individual listings, according to Michael Egan, the company’s search-marketing director of content strategy. Yahoo! doesn’t break out PPC earnings separately in its financial statements, but Goldman Sachs analyst Anthony Noto believes that […]

Google To Muddy Its Results For AOL

NYT: Rebuffing aggressive overtures from Microsoft, Time Warner has agreed to sell a 5 percent stake in America Online to Google for $1 billion as part of an expanded partnership between AOL, once the dominant company on the Internet, and Google, the current online king. Negotiations between the three companies reached a fevered pitch on […]

Let’s Make It Really Jump Off The Shelf

Wired: Electronics maker Siemens is readying a paper-thin electronic-display technology so cheap it could replace conventional labels on disposable packaging, from milk cartons to boxes of Cheerios. In less than two years, Siemens says, the technology could transform consumer-goods packaging from the fixed, ink-printed images of today to a digital medium of flashing graphics and […]

Typepad Drops Content (I’m Sure They’ll Put It Back Before Long)

I just noticed that Random Culture and Micropersuasion are both missing current content, back to Dec. 10th. So I searched Google for “Typepad problems.” This is what came back from Netcraft: Problems persist at the popular blog hosting service TypePad, with numerous users reporting that they are unable to access their blog management system. In […]

Well Poached

You know the Google Adwords we run on this site? Well, one firm just caught our eye with a creative use of text. Crispin Porter is busy Think Tank 3 A Modern Day Think-Shop In case you’ve never purchased Adwords before, one needs to supply Google with several terms that people are likely to […]

So That’s What The McWiFi Is For

International Herald Tribune: If Walt Disney has its way, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys could be replaced with portable media players that hold Disney movies, music, games or photos, according to a pending patent application. Users could add files to the devices by earning points with food purchases. The plan could work something like this: A […]

The Sweet Scent Of Money

Japan’s Corporate News: JCB, a leading international payment brand and the largest credit card issuer in Japan, is celebrating its success with the JCB LINDA Sweet card featuring a refreshing citrus-based fragrance. The number of cards to be issued is limited to 20,000, and applications will be accepted starting December 10. JCB has recently started […]