World Cup Broadcaster Sicks Barristers On Boing Boing

Boing Boing received an obtuse threat from a law firm in London. The letter states that Baker & McKenzie’s client, Infront Sports & Media, “anticipates the possibility of unauthorized streaming and downloading of FIFA World Cup matches.” The letter goes on to warn Boing Boing that Baker & McKenzie will be “actively monitoring your website […]

This Bud’s Not For You (It’s For Your Dad)

I started drinking beer when I was 15 (the drinking age at the time was 18). Did I do it because cleverly crafted 30-second TV spots told me to? No. I did it because I liked to become intoxicated. But never mind all that. Ad Age reports that state attorney generals do see a connection […]

1-800-MAINE-24 No Good

Lance Duston of Maine Web Report pointed out that an ad running on the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development website mistakenly features a phone sex number instead of the real number to call for Maine tourism information. The agency that produced the work, Warren Kremer Paino Advertising is now suing him in federal […]

Can Unions Make A Comeback With The Help Of Advertising?

From the AP: The campaign set to begin Sunday is the first major initiative of the Change to Win labor federation. The 30-second ad, called “Make Work Pay,” shows shrinking images of workers as a narrator talks about the gulf between the rich and poor. “They don’t have golden parachutes or stock options,” the narrator […]

You Can Comment But You Can’t Hide

It’s in poorly constructed English, but anonymous postings may become a thing of the past in New Jersey. This bill would require an operator of any interactive computer service or an Internet service provider to establish, maintain and enforce a policy requiring an information content provider who posts messages on a public forum website either […]