Making Commercials Can Be Dangerous Work

According to Ad Age, Ganna Makeeva is suing Leo Burnett, Detroit, for negligence over injuries she claims she suffered during the shooting of a Cadillac Super Bowl ad. Makeeva, a veteran of runway shows for Dolce & Gabana and Giorgio Armani who has been featured on the covers of international magazines such as Vogue and […]

Freelancers Revolt At MTV

Seems like more and more media people are getting tired of working for The Man. From The New York Times: The walkout highlighted the concerns of a category of workers who are sometimes called permalancers: permanent freelancers who work like full-time employees but do not receive the same benefits. Waving signs that read “Shame on […]

The Dentsu Guide To Better Management

Courtesy of the beautifully twisted minds at Words & Pictures.

Flickr Becomes Free Stock House

You know how credit is never given in an ad? Well, no more. The above print ad from Virgin Mobile gives credit to the photographer, which is especially nice since Virgin did not pay for the image. Their agency found it on Flickr and published it under a Creative Commons license. While this is an […]

Ask Apu

During this morning’s commute some AdPulp fodder emerged from the car radio. NPR’s Elizabeth Blair interviewed Reed Collins, a creative director at Leo Burnett about the transformation of a dozen 7-Elevens into Kwik-E Marts–a stunt meant to promote The Simpons Movie. Collins loves the move, in part because it was his team’s idea. Collins says […]

Louisiana Auto Ad Agency Fined $5 million by Georgia

The state of Georgia, which has always seemed a little lax in the regulatory area, continues to go after deceptive auto advertising. From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs announced fines of $1.66 million apiece against Smart Automotive Group and its owners, Michael Burst and Ben Burst, charging them with violating the […]

Condom Ads Get Cock Blocked In Pittsburgh

According to The New York Times, TV execs in Pittsburgh are saving the local populace from the harmful effects of condom advertising. Controversy over a new advertising campaign by Trojan, the condom maker, has trickled down to the local level, with television stations in Pittsburgh roundly refusing to show it, and stations in Seattle giving […]

Modernista vs. Reebok

Some agencies don’t simply bend over and take it, I suppose. From The Boston Business Journal: In a rare instance of an ad agency fighting back against a client, Modernista of Boston is suing a former client, a unit of Reebok International Ltd., for breach of contract. The case hinges on Modernista’s allegation that the […]

State Of Georgia Sues Car Dealer, Dealer Blames Agency

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: About 10,000 Georgia car owners received what appeared to be an alarming flier from General Motors last fall. “Urgent Potential Recall Notice,” the mailing announced in large, bold type. In fact, there was no recall. The flier wasn’t even from GM. Instead, state regulators now say, it was the latest in […]

Pants-less Judge Is A Good Reason For All That Legalese

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about Roy Pearson, the numbnuts judge in DC who’s suing his dry cleaners for $54 million because they misplaced his pants. Why does he think he’s entitled to all that cash from the Chungs, who own the dry cleaners? Here’s a trial excerpt, as he’s being questioned by Judge […]