Regulating Ads For Kids? Not So Fast

I’m not a parent, so I can’t personally testify to how well advertising aimed at kids works these days. I’m sure it’s a constant struggle for parents, many of whom I’m sure wished they wouldn’t have to deal with companies aiming their products at kids. But I know that marketing and advertising fights back when […]

AT&T Drapes A Disclaimer Over “Blanket” Commercial

Apparently, quite a number of people have noticed the similarities between the work of artists Christo and Jeanne Claude, and this commercial of AT&T entitled “Blanket.” Now, Stuart Elliot The New York Times reports that AT&T is adding a disclaimer to the end of the spot. Last week, after receiving from a reader an e-mail […]

Psychiatrists Call For Honesty In Advertising. Are They Crazy?

In Britain, the Royal Society of Psychiatrists is calling for a “kitemark,” or standards mark to be added to every digitally enhanced or airbrushed image. The BBC has more: According to some in the advertising world, that would mean putting a kite mark on every poster. Better perhaps for a kite mark to be applied […]

SCOTUS Decides To Open Up The Floodgates For Advertising

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a pending Supreme Court Decision that would allow corporations and unions to spend more freely to influence political races. Well they decided in favor of the corporations and unions. Here’s The Washington Post report: The Supreme Court threw out a 63-year-old law designed to restrain the influence […]

Grilling The Grilled

You know the Coke Zero ad campaign where the brand managers on Coke Classic want to sue the Coke Zero team for taste infringement? Strange as it may seem, a similar scenario is now playing itself out for real thanks to internal squabbling at KFC over the brand’s advertising that touts grilled chicken instead of […]

Well Funded Legal Team Chases Online Tricksters

Tim Cranton, Microsoft’s Associate General Counsel, writing on Microsoft On The Issues explains the company’s latest moves against cyber-criminals. Today, Microsoft filed five civil lawsuits, the first of their kind against a nasty phenomenon known as malvertising. That’s the industry term for malicious online advertising. Microsoft works with the other leading providers of online ad […]

These Colors Better Run

I used to work on the Coors account and one place we absolutely could not go, creatively speaking, is to college campuses. The lawyers in Golden would have struck it down like lightning from on high. Apparently, the lawyers in St. Louis were convinced otherwise by their peers on the Bud Light team who are […]

Saying Apple Computers Are Expensive Is A Priceless Strategy for Microsoft

Apple Inc. legal representatives asked Microsoft Corp. two weeks ago to “stop running” advertisements suggesting Apple’s computers are expensive. According to The Wall Street Journal, the interaction has emboldened Microsoft, which plans to continue with its “Laptop Hunter” marketing campaign after learning how effective the advertisement’s underlying message is in rankling Apple. Microsoft Chief Operating […]

Will Prescription Drug Ads Be Taxed?

With all sorts of healthcare reform proposals being floated, the American Advertising Federation is in a tizzy over the specter of a tax on prescription drug advertising as a means to finance some of the healthcare proposal. Here’s part of what the AAF sent out in a letter to its members: Because healthcare reform is […]

Reaching For the Knob

I love when a commercial comes on the TV that is noticeably louder than the program I’m watching. Without the blasting sound from the set, I miss out on a deal or something. Plus my local auto dealers and pawn shops are paying all that money to run their spots, the least I can do […]