French Makes The Funny Pages

Equal parts vanity project and career suicide, Words & Pictures is a new webcomic produced by a creative team eager to bite the hand that feeds them. New strips are published every Monday, with the latest weighing in on the Neil French scandal.

A Dollop Of Sophmoric Humor

Beans: The Musical Fruit from Liggett Stashower in Cleveland is ostensibly a chili party invite, but it’s meant to double as a viral. Farts are fun. To a point.

Coming Soon: A Film Made To Sell Gear

Brandweek: Oakley, which created film company 1242 Productions to promote awareness of its core board-sports market and its athletes, is releasing The Community Project, a snowboarding feature. The film is stocked with action/adventure scenes from many of the world’s top snowboarding locations. Oakley markets eyewear, apparel, gear bags and wearable electronics. “1242 Productions gives us […]

America, Please Welcome The Blisters

I haven’t been this interested in a television ad since Robert Conrad was daring us to knock a battery off his shoulder. Danny Miller is stoked about his nephews’ new commercial for Quaker Oats, which is certainly understandable. After all, it was directed by Errol Morris. And the spot serves as the television debut for […]

Shakes In The Park

Adweek: Creature in Seattle is Burgerville-izing Shakespeare for the Vancouver, Wash.-based restaurant chain. This past weekend and next, the independent agency is producing “Shakes in the Park,” an outdoor theater series in Portland, Ore., in which Burgerville’s signature huckleberry milkshake will serve as protagonist (and complimentary snack) in 20-minute adaptations of As You Like It […]

All You Need Is Love (Of Money)

Given that Sir Paul has lent his name and music to Fidelity Investments and Bob Dylan is hawking lingerie, I suppose it should come as no surprise that one needs a working American Express card to buy tickets for the upcoming Cream shows in Madison Square Garden this October. Market Wire: American Express has a […]

Can Hollywood Save Hockey?

Promo Magazine: Departing from standard practice, the National Hockey League has hired an entertainment marketing agency to help restore the brand’s image and build a stronger emotional fan-player connection following a 301-day lockout during the 2004-05 season. Conductor, a Los Angeles, CA-based agency, will serve as the NHL’s lead marketing communications and integration agency to […]

Browser Woes

Random Culture points out that MTV has love for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Much to my surprise, when I tried to visit the MTV Overdrive section of the site, I received an error that said, “PC users with Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox: you need to run Internet Explorer to use MTV Overdrive.” The biggest problem I […]