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Warning: this post is self-promotional, but you can benefit by reading it all the way through. Is AdPulp good for my career as a copywriter/creative director? It’s a question I feel compelled to revisit every so often. On its head, the answer is of course it is. I know way more people in the industry […]

If George Jetson Were An Adman, He’d Work At The Escape Pod

The Escape Pod’s sizzle reel isn’t like other sizzle reels. Likely because The Escape Pod is not like other agencies, stuck in some lame 20th century paradigm. Vinny Warren, partner in the Chicago agency, says The Escape Pod is an “advertising agency of the present.” Clearly, they have a finger on the zeitgeist, which you […]

A BeanCast, And A Book

A couple of items of self-promotion, if you’ll allow me the privilege. First, I had the great opportunity to make a repeat appearance on this week’s BeanCast, which also featured: Steve Hall of AdRants, Kristi Faulkner of NYC’s Womenkind, Jim Hopkinson of The Hopkinson Report, and of course, show host Bob Knorpp. We got into […]

What Can AdPulp Do For You?

For years, I’ve been asking the wrong question here. I’ve been asking “what can AdPulp do for me?” But the better question is “what can AdPulp do for you?” What Can AdPulp Do For You?

What’s The Word?

Twitter _ @alexklevine_ I love you @adpulp, but I ...

Alex Levine of Chicago loves AdPulp enough to point out our weaknesses and that pleases me. What weaknesses would you care to point out? Seriously. Until we get to know precisely how you view this site and use this site, and how you want to use it going forward, we’re guessing. Let’s take the guess […]

Four Steps To Online Fascination…

Five Stories That Will Charm The Pants Off Your Audience… Six Ways To Impress Your Boss And Get The Raise You Deserve… Seven Things Your LinkedIn Profile Must Reveal… Eight Weeks To A New Career In Advertising… How-to articles and videos are everywhere online. They’re everywhere because people turn to the web for the information […]

A Peek Under The AdPulp Hood

AdPulp Jobs

There’s been quite a bit of activity under the hood at AdPulp, of late. I’d like to catch you up on some of it. First, we launched a new Jobs Section, with help from JobThread. It’s something we’ve discussed doing in the past, but we had Talent Zoo as a sponsor here for several years, […]

My Digital Toolbox

David and I often chat about digital workflows we have in place that allows us to get our work done. In my day job, I help run Corporate 3 Design, a nine person brand/print/web shop (we work with agencies as well, so if you need a vendor, give us a shout). We tend to operate […]