From Client Service To Serving Readers What They Want

Baba Shetty Named CEO of Newsweek Daily Beast Company - The Daily Beast

I don’t pay much attention to personnel moves in the communications industry, despite the number of press releases I receive on the subject. Of course, if I know the person moving jobs then I am interested. And when the move is from ad agency leadership to CEO of a well known media company, then there’s […]

We’re Shaped By Our Environments, And So Is “The Work”


Agencies are often known not just for their work, but for their design-centric office spaces. Given that agencies advise clients on how best to live and breathe their brand, it’s important for agencies to lead the way. In other words, “judging a book by its cover” is part of the brand identity game. According to […]

Say Something Interesting In A Memorable Way, Or Shut The Hell Up


It’s the best of times (and the worst of times) to be working in communications. Opportunities abound and empires are being built (and taken down) in a scant few years. On the other hand, despite revolutionary new communications platforms, there’s so much noise that hardly anything gets through and nothing is gained. Author and speaker, […]

Content Hoarder, Or Content Sharer?

Why Do You, Or Don’t You, Share AdPulp’s Content In Your Social Graph? Share

The Google To Adlandia: Be Lean And Agile Like Us, And You’ll Be Rich Like Us


Earlier this summer, a technology company executive suggested I look into “lean and agile development.” Seeing a parallel between our work environments, he thought it might help me improve the way I make work. I’ve been intrigued by the idea ever since, but I probably need to read a book about it to get a […]

Selling Big Ideas Is Really Just A Head Massage

head message

Want to win a Gold Lion? Make your clients comfortable. In advertising, many great ideas never see the light of day. It’s a massive waste of time and energy, but it may also be an unnecessary loss according to a new study by researchers from Cornell, Penn and the University of North Carolina. David Burkus, […]

An Hour Measures Time, Not Productivity


It’s fun to talk about compensation. It’s taboo, for one. Secondly, it’s a game of measuring up — a game we’ve been taught to play since adolescence. So, let’s jump on the new hourly billing rates for ad execs, made available by Rupal Parekh at Ad Age. One item that caught my eye is agencies […]

Click For Mentor Stories

Can you find quality career mentoring online? I don’t know that the question occurs to people anymore, because it’s all there, isn’t it? Every sage piece of advice about how to navigate tough work situations, to get more done during the day, to be more creative and so on. Now, from creative director Mat Zucker, […]

The Truth Is The Truth, Not What The Client Says It Is


Rance Crain is President, Crain Communications and Editor-in-Chief of Advertising Age, Crain’s Chicago Business, Crain’s New York Business and TelevisionWeek. As such, he has seen and heard a lot of bullshit in his day. You might even say he has an especially sensitive bullshit meter, something Ernest Hemingway declared essential for any writer. Given his […]

Disruptive Patriots Are On The Job At Made Movement

Made Collection - Curating Premium Made in USA Products

BOULDER—If there is hope for advertising, it can be found in a non-descript retail bay on the east end of Pearl Street. Ad people aren’t cynics, they’re “crest fallen idealists,” says Dave Schiff, partner and Chief Creative Officer of Made Movement, a new agency boldly dedicated to growing the American economy by promoting American-made goods. […]