Disruptive Patriots Are On The Job At Made Movement

Made Collection - Curating Premium Made in USA Products

BOULDER—If there is hope for advertising, it can be found in a non-descript retail bay on the east end of Pearl Street. Ad people aren’t cynics, they’re “crest fallen idealists,” says Dave Schiff, partner and Chief Creative Officer of Made Movement, a new agency boldly dedicated to growing the American economy by promoting American-made goods. […]

Meowbook Is The New Catvertising

Cadbury sells a chocolate bar in Australia called Boost. Droga 5 in collaboration with BE VIACOM, Ignite Media Brands and Carat sold Cadbury a cat video. Sadly, it’s a mocumentary that’s been done before. According to Campaign Brief, the three-part series, cleverly titled “Meme Myself and I,” is running on MTV Australia. The video also […]

Advertising Is Work, Not The Priesthood


Deutsch CEO Mike Sheldon is alarmed to know that 25% of the people who work in advertising “don’t love advertising.” In response to new findings unearthed by his agency and the 4As, Sheldon wants agencies to adopt a startup culture, invest in R&D, work in smaller teams, teach employees new things and support side projects. […]

Wunderman Tries To Look Natural At Cannes

The 59th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity doesn’t need a commercial, but Wunderman made Cannes one, because Wunderman can. And Wunderman isn’t stopping there. This is 2012, every company is a media company, including global marketing services agencies. Ergo, a team of 30 of “citizen journalists” from AdPeople, Blast Radius, Designkitchen, Futurecom, These Days […]

Run A Publicly-Owned Company, Deal With The Public’s Outrage

Corona d'oro

In a debate over his exorbitant compensation, WPP shareholders are giving Sir Martin Sorrell fits. Sorrell’s current compensation package amounts to $40 million (in U.S. dollars), a 60% boost from last year. According to Financial Times, three of the top 10 WPP shareholders, which own about 10 per cent of the company’s shares, say they […]

The AdPulp Interview: G.B. Veerman


Greg Veerman is an Astronaut, unafraid to sail into the outer reaches of Adlandia in his quest for a higher plane. In other words, he runs an agency in Sioux Falls, SD with a focus on serving clients in the clean technology and sustainable goods and services sectors. “Our job is to advance the cause […]

We’re All Contractors, Some Of Us Just Have Longer/Better Contracts

Lance Jensen, Chief Creative Officer at Hill Holliday in Boston, seems like a guy I would get along with and enjoy working for. But his comments below about freelancing lead me to question both my present path and the validity of his argument. Jensen says a creative needs to have “skin in the game.” That […]

Hire A Copywriter, Or Paddle The Ship With One Oar


How do you know when it is time to hire a copywriter, a.k.a one who writes text, or copy, for the purpose of marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea? If you’re a recruiter at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, you just know. But what if you’re not in that world? What if you work […]

Dan The Man

TV and digital are the brand’s left and right hands. And winning brands go to the plate with a both hands wrapped firmly around the bat. Here, listen to the master tell it… “What this business is about is not about selling stuff,” he says. “This business is about creating strong provocative relationships between good […]

McKinney v. WDCW, Tonight on AMC

Fuck “Mad Men.” I want to watch “The Pitch,” and that’s precisely what I’ll be doing this evening at 8:00 PST. Each episode of this new reality show on AMC matches two agencies against one another as they pitch a client project. Tonight’s sneak peak (the show starts in earnest on April 30) pits McKinney […]