Legal Tussle Ensues

Julie Roehm, the former Wal-Mart marketing executive whose December ouster caused a media firestorm, has filed a lawsuit against the retailer, claiming Wal-Mart breached her contract and smeared her in the press. The lawsuit was filed without fanfare last month in state court in Michigan, where the former Chrysler executive keeps a residence, but it […]

McBride To World: “Relax, Everything’s Going To Be Okay”

Lots of strange things happen in Adlandia, for it’s a place populated by strange (sometimes wonderfully so) people. Chuck McBride, heretofore to be known as Chuck McBlood, is one of the indsutry’s more high profile oddballs. Yesterday he made a mock horror video, apperently in reaction to news that he would be leaving TBWA Chiat/Day […]

McBride Wants His Bosses To Fund A New Venture

Ad Age looks at the ambitions (and restlessness) of some prominent creative men on the West Coast. Lee Clow’s heir apparent, Chuck McBride, is putting the finishing touches on what could be his greatest work: a breakaway from TBWA/Chiat/Day to form a creative supergroup. Mr. McBride is negotiating with Omnicom Group to back a hotshop […]

“Improve The Customer’s Experience” Or Find Another Line Of Work

A Washington, DC-based blogger going by the screen name of “Woodstock” reads Gaping Void “with varying degrees of regularity.” He says he’s “revolted and compelled at the same time” by Hugh’s content. Woodstock goes on to say, “I believe marketing to be one of the primary sources of evil in modern culture.” What’s interesting here […]

Koerner Cuts Ties To IPG

Interpublic has shuttered its Consumer Experience Practice and lost one of the most frequently quoted Madison Avenue media experts–Stacey Lynn Koerner–in the process. According to Media Daily News: Launched in May, the Consumer Experience Practice was the brainchild of long-time Interpublic media research diva Stacey Lynn Koerner, who left Initiative to assemble a team of […]

The Cure For Common Cultural Cluelessness

High Jive is using classic ads from years gone by to persuade a new audience. Aside from the ad pictured above, he’s modified VW’s “Think Small” campaign, the old Hathaway shirt ad, an old Avis ad and several others. All drive you to his site, MultiCultClassics, for a more lengthy discourse on the need for […]

Hire Artists. Elevate The Work.

Gwen Yip is an art director from Hong Kong currently working on Yakult at Wieden + Kennedy in London. She has a blog about looking for (and finding) work in the London ad scene. It’s adorable and I’m fascinated by it. In the frame above Yip shows us Michael Russoff, the Creative Director at Wieden […]

Hogshead’s Career On Roam

I swing by Sally Hogshead’s blog on occasion. She doesn’t post much, but when she does she lets it fly. Since May, I’ve been letting my career rove to and fro. Consciously, I chose to make no plans or goals, do no outreach or inquiry, and instead, simply respond to the clients and opportunities that […]