Open Hearts Open Doors

Displaced Designer is a new site dedicated to helping people in the industry get back on their work feet. We reported last week on Brains On Fire’s effort to help Gulf Coast agency staff relocate temporarily to Greenville, SC. Now Adweek reports, Trumpet’s 32 employees were celebrating the agency’s eighth anniversary just two nights before […]

Hugh’s Turn

I’m kind of surprised I did not see this earlier, but today I stumbled upon B.L. Ochman’s interview with Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void. Hugh supports himself with income from blogvertising. He resides in rural England, where his rent is one fifteeenth of what he paid in New York. He says he makes close to […]

Let The Product Or Service Speak

The Hidden Persuader posted this Neil Frenchism last week. “The answer to making an ad is always in the product, if you look for it. Our task is not just to find that answer though – it’s to make the answer relevant to someone who, at present, doesn’t give a shit about it. So first […]

The Push To Truly Embrace Interactivity

Saatchi & Saatchi UK chairman and CEO, Lee Daley, appeared on a CNN program the other day. Here’s a clip: CNN: How will advertising be different in a decade? Daley: I think the advertising industry as a whole will change very dramatically because of the change in the media universe. The advertising industry has grown […]

BBDO: It’s Everywhere You Want To Be

Fast Company Senior Writer, Linda Tishler, sat down with BBDO’s David Lubars and Phil Dusenberry. Here are some of the more poignant revelations. Dusenberry says the ability to stop bad work is the only power a creative director really has, and boasts that his office was called the “quake zone” because of the fear he […]

It’s Be Nice To The Donny Day

In June , Fortune (subscription required) ran a long copy piece on the state of the ad business. In this piece, Donny Deutsch comes out looking rather noble. So, while I’ve had fun making fun of The Donny in this space, today is Be Nice To The Donny Day. On the shifting media landscape: Unlike […]

Droga Dodges Boredom And Irrelevance

I, like many of you probably did, read last week about David Droga’s departure from Publicis, where the 37-year old ad whiz held the Worldwide Creative Director post. The story didn’t interest me all that much, until today when I happened to read Dean Gemmel’s take on it. This is a guy with the kind […]

Believe It Or Not The Donny Is No Chelsea Queen

Earlier this summer Vanity Fair’s George Wayne probed the depths of The Donny for his Vanities column. Here are a few of the more revealing moments. G.W. Your critics say you must decide. Does he want to create advertising? Or does he want to be in showbiz? D.D. I actually think the two are related. […]

Sally’s Bellying Up With Her Hog Blog

Creative superstar, Sally Hogshead, has made a tentative entry into the bloatosphere with her newly unveiled Hog Blog. The blog only has one entry at this point and does not allow comments, nor trackbacks. The site does have a forum to facilitate discussion.

Details, Lewis. We Want Details.

Gotta love Chicago Sun-Times columnist Lewis Lazare’s candor in today’s column, regarding Sears recent shift of its entire account to Y&R/Chicago: “Y & R sources said there were plenty of heated debates about Sears advertising between Y & R creatives and Sears’ recently departed marketing honcho Janine Bousquette. To many in the ad world, this […]