The Triumphant Return Of Champ And Moore

The Wieden + Kennedy creative team who gave birth to inspirational advertising for Nike’s womens line in the mid-1990s are back. Janet Champ and Charlotte Moore have written a book and they have a brand new blog in support of said book. Ripe: The Truth About Getting Older and The Beauty of Getting On With […]

Hall Embraces Book While Rebuking Reactionary Flailings

Steve Hall likes Phil Dusenberry’s new book. The best thing about Dusenberry’s book as that it acknowledges the basic elements of advertising which have been in place and, for the most part, have worked since advertising was invented. While some will surely take issue with this assessment, reading Dusenberry’s book makes one wonder why we’re […]

A Casting Call For Account Advisors

Ernie Schenck turned his CA column over to Neil French this issue. The results are hilarious and didactic. There’s a Confucian saying that “he who asks humbly teaches how to refuse.” Well, “submitting” ads for approval is demanding refusal plus a damn good hiding, in my view. And while we’re meandering down this side-road, why […]

Eighteen Plus Six

Lewis Lazare: Oak Brook-based Ace Hardware has renewed its contract with former football coach and television color analyst John Madden for an additional six years. The 18-year association between Madden and the nation’s largest hardware cooperative is the second-longest spokesperson relationship existing today, just behind Michael Jordan and Nike. Share

Honor The Creative Process. Damn The Outcome.

Mark Fenske teaches advertising in the graduate program at VCU in Richmond. He used to keep a sketch book, or what he calls a workbook. Here’s a page from his workbook: Here’s some text from Fenske’s blog entry about workbooks: The job of a copywriter or art director isn’t fun and it isn’t easy. Jackasses […]

Lord Vishnu’s Love Handles

Need a reason to read the print version of Adweek? Here’s one. They weave interesting tidbits into the print version that are not found online. Former DDB-Dallas copywriter, Will Clark, has a new book out. It’s a black comedy about a psychic ex-dot-com-millionaire who falls in with paranormal spies, a Charles Manson-loving yogi, a chubby […]

Open Hearts Open Doors

Displaced Designer is a new site dedicated to helping people in the industry get back on their work feet. We reported last week on Brains On Fire’s effort to help Gulf Coast agency staff relocate temporarily to Greenville, SC. Now Adweek reports, Trumpet’s 32 employees were celebrating the agency’s eighth anniversary just two nights before […]

Hugh’s Turn

I’m kind of surprised I did not see this earlier, but today I stumbled upon B.L. Ochman’s interview with Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void. Hugh supports himself with income from blogvertising. He resides in rural England, where his rent is one fifteeenth of what he paid in New York. He says he makes close to […]

Let The Product Or Service Speak

The Hidden Persuader posted this Neil Frenchism last week. “The answer to making an ad is always in the product, if you look for it. Our task is not just to find that answer though – it’s to make the answer relevant to someone who, at present, doesn’t give a shit about it. So first […]

The Push To Truly Embrace Interactivity

Saatchi & Saatchi UK chairman and CEO, Lee Daley, appeared on a CNN program the other day. Here’s a clip: CNN: How will advertising be different in a decade? Daley: I think the advertising industry as a whole will change very dramatically because of the change in the media universe. The advertising industry has grown […]