More Brains Less Bravado

“Wideeyedgirl,” an award-winning creative in Australia–commenting on the Neil French story that won’t go away– believes we need higher standards in advertising creative departments. In fact, she’s so discouraged she may opt to become a suit, in order to be viewed as a professional with something valuable to say. I believe there is a strong […]

Janet Kestin Weighs In On The Neil French Firestorm

Janet Kestin is a Creative Director at Ogilvy Toronto. She works alongside Nancy Vonk, whose comments about the Neil French event got the brouhaha going. We haven’t heard much from Nancy since Neil offered his resignation last week, but today, on I Have An Idea, Janet throws in her 2 cents. And she’s right on. […]

A Piece Of The AdPulp Story

Designers Who Blog kindly featured AdPulp on their site this week. Catherine (cat) Morley, blogger and founder of the Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design with operations in SE Asia and the UK, said we need an “About” page, since we weren’t giving her a lot to go on. Her prompting makes me think of […]

Neil French Is Out At WPP–Or Is He?

Ad Age has the scoop. Weeks after a public address in which he called female creative directors “crap,” WPP Group’s worldwide creative director, Neil French, is leaving the holding company, according to executives familiar with the matter. OK. Some thought starters for you all: Is it easier to push an old man aside for making […]

Sally’s Making The Rounds

Sally Hogshead, famous copywriter, author and mom, is now one of Tom’s Cool Friends. Who’s your target audience for this book? SH: Great question. First, let me say who it’s not for: bureaucrats, whiners, cynics, or wimps. Anyone who cherishes linear hierarchy or traditional corporate games will hate this book. Radical Careering is for people […]

How To Be A Buff Swinging Multimillionaire

Fortune takes a hard look at The Donny’s book, the agency he built and the man himself. The book, which Deutsch co-wrote with author Peter Knobler, is more about Donny Inc. than Deutsch Inc., his advertising agency. It’s a primer on how to become a buff, swinging multimillionaire … like Donny Deutsch!” “There’s just this […]

What’s Ad Age Up To?

Ad Age editor, Scott Donaton, wants more industry leaders like Carat Americas CEO David Verklin. I can’t really say why. Maybe so he can have more interesting luncheons. Maybe he likes throwing a little cheerleader in with his journalistic critique. Maybe he’s genuinely moved by the guy. You tell me. Share

Jobs’ Mad Skills Dazzle Horn Blower

Presentation Zen: Even legendary jazz artist and master performer, Wynton Marsalis, couldn’t help but be impressed by Jobs’ presentation skills. Just seconds before Marsalis raised his trumpet to play, he paused and said (without a direct mic)…”That was a great presentation.” The audience laughed at what was clearly a spontaneous gesture. Marsalis and his band […]

A Remarkably Twisted Approach To Dining

Lewis Lazare: They must be doing something right. Former Ogilvy & Mather advertising executive Kim Holstein and her husband, Scott, began making pretzels 10 years ago in Kim’s Lincoln Park studio apartment. A good product and some savvy marketing and publicity efforts have enabled the Holsteins to grow Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels into a […]

Cultural Bias Clouds Communications

Spurred on by hurricane coverage, Experiential Marketing guru, Katherine Stone, asks, “Do I seem stupid to you?” in a poignant defense of her native Southland. I was born in Baton Rouge. I lived in New Orleans for the first decade of my life. I spent my summers in Mississippi with my grandmother in Vicksburg. I […]