New Stars Are Made As Media Planning Takes Center Stage

Business Week: Media strategists used to rank just above accountants as the kind of people advertisers wanted to meet in the industry. In recent years, however, disdain has been replaced with adulation as the attention spans of consumers have shrunk. With the Internet, ad-skipping digital video recorders (DVRs), video cell phones, and portable music and […]

Men Are Extreme (What Can We Say?)

Danny G’s post on Mr. French and his antiquated views is the entry that keeps on giving. Today, “Gay Like A Fox” chimed in with this: I suspect the dearth of top-level women creatives is rooted in nature. Looking beyond the realm of advertising we see that, historically, very, very few of the top contenders […]

The French Evolution

Neil’s been tarred and feathered aplenty, so in my new column in Talent Zoo I’ve decided to focus on a larger issue: why there’s so much hero-worshipping in the ad industry. Frankly, Neil French isn’t the problem. The problem lies with the starstruck suckers who treat his every utterance like it was the word of […]

Sir Martin’s Fat Wallet Loses Tons Of Weight

Adfreak picked up on a London Times piece detailing Sir Martin Sorrell’s divorce. Sorrell is chairman of WPP, the world’s second largest ad agency holding company. Court papers reveal that the advertising magnate must hand over a £23.4 million lump-sum plus their £3.2 million Georgian townhouse. Also among Lady Sorrell’s spoils are two underground parking […]

Consulting Is Cool

Josh Spear dot com: Over the past year, I ‘ve been overwhelmed by emails and calls asking for my opinion on brands, products, design, etc. Several large companies, that will remain nameless (for now), have sought me out for my thoughts on how to beef up both their image, and their product line. As a […]

Nancy Vonk Speaks On Canada Morning TV

Nancy Vonk appeared on a show today called Canada AM. See the video and the related story here. Vonk says she never expected French to step down. “When I wrote that piece, I absolutely didn’t have an agenda to push him out of his job at all. Frankly, I’m glad I didn’t know as I […]

Freakonomics For Supper

Steven Levitt, a University of Chicago professor and author of Freakonomics, will share his insights on how ad executives can tell if their ads are working at an invite-only workshop at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place later today. The event is the first of three to be conducted by the Advertising Research Foundation. Share

More Brains Less Bravado

“Wideeyedgirl,” an award-winning creative in Australia–commenting on the Neil French story that won’t go away– believes we need higher standards in advertising creative departments. In fact, she’s so discouraged she may opt to become a suit, in order to be viewed as a professional with something valuable to say. I believe there is a strong […]

Janet Kestin Weighs In On The Neil French Firestorm

Janet Kestin is a Creative Director at Ogilvy Toronto. She works alongside Nancy Vonk, whose comments about the Neil French event got the brouhaha going. We haven’t heard much from Nancy since Neil offered his resignation last week, but today, on I Have An Idea, Janet throws in her 2 cents. And she’s right on. […]

A Piece Of The AdPulp Story

Designers Who Blog kindly featured AdPulp on their site this week. Catherine (cat) Morley, blogger and founder of the Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design with operations in SE Asia and the UK, said we need an “About” page, since we weren’t giving her a lot to go on. Her prompting makes me think of […]