C-K ECD Gets Bumped Up To CCO

Lewis Lazare is curious about the promotion of one of Chicago’s top creatives. Marshall Ross, longtime executive creative director at Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago, has been upped to chief creative officer overseeing creative units in C-K’s Chicago, Milwaukee, Phoenix and Orlando, Fla., offices, but, oddly enough, not C-K’s New York office, headed by Dean Stefanides and Larry Hampel. […]

Famous Author Hated His Existence In Advertising

Former copywriter, Augusten Burroughs’ best-selling book, Running with Scissors, has been made in to a film by Ryan Murphy. Mr. Murphy is the 2005 Golden Globe winning (Best television series, drama) creator, writer, director and executive producer of the hit series, Nip/Tuck.The Sony Miramax film stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Jill Clayburgh, Vanessa Redgrave, Alec Baldwin and […]

Spike Jones On The Box

Spike Jones at Brains On Fire has some interesting things to say about common courtesy, or the lack thereof in corporate America. There is a fundamental breakdown in corporate America. And it has everything to do with giving your word and not keeping it. I’m the Firestarter here and so I’m constantly making appointments to […]

Roberts Resorts To Giving His Book Away

Let’s turn back the pages of time. About a year ago, our section of the bloatosphere was all worked up about a book with a bright red cover. The brouhaha eventually died down, but it may reignite, now that a new book is being pushed on unwitting journalists and conference attendees. Ad Age: According to […]

Ad Peeps Need Discipline

Ernie Schenck thinks we need some rules to guide us. His latest CA column is dedicated to this effort. He has 31 rules in all, so I’ll cherry pick a few for you to consider. 8. Art directors will not be permitted to use Photoshop until an actual concept has been determined. 11. No meaningless […]

From Idaho With Love

One can always count on George Parker to tell it like it is. Chuck my Ass! What is this shit with the new Charles Schwab campaign. The one with comic book style type balloons featuring the immortal line “Talk to Chuck.” I mean, give me a break. I’ll bet some dufus at the agency, either […]

Knock The Hustle: Simply The Best Ad Book I’ve Read In A Long Time

I’ll readily admit that I’ve been waiting for my copy of Hadji Williams’ new book Knock The Hustle: How to Save Your Job and Your Life from Corporate America for 3 months now, since I first heard about it and saw the excerpts on his website. And now that it’s here and I’ve read it, […]

Hall Enjoys Sailing And Other Important Factoids

Night Agency interviewed Steve Hall of Adrants last week. Here’s an excerpt: Night Agent: Steve Hall, what did you have in mind when you started Adrants? Were you launching a revolution or were you just bored? Steve Hall: I wish I were that insightful. Actually, I started it during a period of unemployment in March […]

The Power Of Lazarus

Fortune has named O+M CEO, Shelly Lazarus, one of the most powerful women in business for 2005. According to Fact Monster, Shelly graduated from Smith College in 1968 and earned an MBA from Columbia University in 1970, where she was one of four women in her class. She started working at Clairol, but within a […]

Nancy Vonk Talks With Sally Hogshead

As part of her “Naked Career” podcasts, Sally Hogshead lands what they call in show bidness a big “get”: Nancy Vonk, Co-CD of Ogilvy Toronto, whose comments about Neil French…well, if I have to fill in that part, you must’ve been in the Kalahari for the last month. You can download the podcast at Talent […]