A Two-Fer Of Columns

Looking for some very light reading for the weekend? Check out A Carbon-Neutral Pile of Manure, my new column on Talent Zoo which takes a look at brands desperate to greenwash themselves. Why? Money is green. Or vice versa. If you live in Chicago, Minneapolis, Omaha, or other Midwest cities, you can head to the […]

We Are Arrogant

According to Ad Age, We Are Gigantic, a MDC Partners-backed ad shop born earlier this year out of the now-defunct Margeotes Fertitta Powell, is being sued by Gigantic Marketing, a two-year-old New York-based marketing firm. I can’t argue the merits of the case (please use our comments area if you can), but I will offer […]

Dump The Bucket

Greg Storey doesn’t like the word “bucket,” nor what it implies. I just got off the phone with another in a long list of clients who used the word “bucket” several times during a conversation about information architecture. In olden times we used words like “categories” or “sections” but these new kids are dropping their […]

What Hayden Said

At the Advertising Week CEO Summit this week, Steve Hayden, Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, said, “The Internet is vast, brutal and cruel and clients have to toughen up.” Hayden worked on the TV show “Welcome Back Kotter” before joining Lee Clow’s team at Chiat/Day, where he helped create the famous “1984” Apple spot. […]

Garfield On Advertising (Not The Cartoon)

[via Experience Matters]

Notable Words From Advertising Notables

Steve Hall started a prominent ad blog and a social network around that blog. Maybe he’ll start an agency too. Whatever the case, Hall did attend a panel at Advertising Week today called Want to start an AD agency?! Some of the interesting things he heard: Linda Kaplan Thaler told executives at Herbal Essences (the […]

Hogshead On The Lost Art Of The Big Idea

Sally Hogshead wants creatives to remember their true (i.e., traditional) value: as people who come up with great ideas based on insights into brands and human nature. It’s easy to forget the importance of a really kick ass “concept” these days when many agencies–even a fair amount of hotshot digital shops–are simply struggling to keep […]

Is Don Draper The Most Famous Ad Man In America Today?

For more on Someecards.com see the Sunday Styles section of today’s NYT. According to the article it’s a firm run by ad men for ad men.