Blogging’s Poster Boy Strikes A Pose

Wired has a revealing profile of Jason Calacanis, the first to make millions by selling his blog business. Here’s some background information from the story: The story of Calacanis’ rise in New York’s new media world goes like this: A bartender and a nurse in the outer reaches of Brooklyn have three sons. The middle […]

What We Really Do All Day

Alex Bogusky refuses to be cynical (see December’s Creativity, or take my word for it). George Parker, on the other hand, does not entertain that particular daydream. Many years ago, when I used to work for a particularly crazy woman in California, she made a statement that has stuck with me ever since… “Our job […]

I Want My CA, And I Want My MTV

To be honest, I wasn’t blown away by the work in the new CA. And I blame Huey Lewis and Bryan Adams. You see, I’m a huge fan of music—and I started buying records when I was 7 years old. To me, nothing will ever replace the music I heard in the few years when […]

How Does He Do It?

Court Crandall has creativity oozing from his pores. He runs one of the best agencies on the left coast, writes (and sells) popular screenplays and now he’s got a new children’s book to his credit. According to the book’s publisher, “Hugville is a town full of unusual hugs. If you come to visit, learn how […]

Go Daddy’s Papa Pontificates

Bob Parsons, CEO of domain name registrar, Go Daddy, chimes in on the “art” of TV advertising. In my opinion, in order for a television commercial to be effective, it has to be polarizing. This week, “USA Today” published its annual list of top television advertisements for 2005. “USA Today” showed Go Daddy’s Super Bowl […]

Ownership Model Seriously Out-Of-Date

Marc Babej of Being Resonable recently asked Tom Asacker of A Clear Eye some pertinent questions. Here’s one: Q. You’re one of the few marketing writers who are every bit as passionate about retention marketing as they are to acquisition. Is retention marketing getting more respect now than it used to, and why? A. Thanks […]

Jason’s Prognosis

Jason Calacanis, CEO of Weblogs, Inc. makes some interesting predictions for 2006. Read them all at his site, or read these two, cherry-picked for your pleasure. 13. The housing bubble will deflate/burst (it’s much worse now than people are saying) and consumer confidence and spending will be moderately shaken. This will create a pullback in […]

Pedigree Is Dog Food

Lewis Lazare: Talent Zoo, an ad agency headhunting firm that keeps tabs on hiring trends, often has insights we find to be on the mark. Its latest concern about a streak of “arrogance” in agency hiring these days struck us as worth sharing. Ragan Jones, associate vice president of recruiting, said: In 2002, agencies could […]

Lack Of Passion Smells To High Heaven

In her latest Talent Zoo podcast, Sally Hogshead interviews Avi Dan, 53, Global Executive Director for Euro RSCG. Midway through the piece Dan says, “Clients can smell lack of passion like dogs smell fear.” Prior to joining Euro RCSG, Dan was at Berlin Cameron in New York, where his focus was on new business. The […]

Smock v. Fenske: Front Row Tix Still Available

Mike Smock is a marketing strategist with more than 500 marketing campaigns executed in 38 industries over a 25 year career. Therefore, he is taken aback by Mark Fenske’s claim that “nobody ever created a good ad writing to a strategy.” I don’t get this. I never will get this. I am proud of the […]