Carnitas With Guac To Debut On PBS

Denver-based gourmet burrito purveyor, Chipotle, is making some waves on PBS with “something resembling commercials,” according to New York Times.
The psuedo spots–which mock a typical PBS pledge drive–were created by TDA Advertising + Design in Boulder, CO. The spots had to toe some very fine lines. For example, the guidelines allow people in the spots to consume a product as long as they do not appear to enjoy it overtly. So the producer instructed the actors in its pledge drive spoof not to look too thrilled.
Dan Fogarty, who oversees advertising at Chipotle, said that he was sorry if the spots offended anyone, but that the company’s intent was pure.
“I’m all for the guidelines of noncommercial radio and television,” Mr. Fogarty said. “Our goal is to just not bore people.”

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  1. Man do I just love Chipotle. Just wish they wouldn’t charge an extra $1.35 for adding Guac to my burrito.

  2. The lime salted chips hooked me. Plus, I like that they use Niman Ranch pork.