Carls Jr. And Others Flaunt Fat

from USA TODAY: Carl’s Jr., the fast-food chain that loves to thumb its nose at political correctness, this week will unveil a breakfast burger with egg. The new burger has 830 calories, 275 milligrams of cholesterol and 46 grams of fat.
The national trend toward lunch at breakfast is clear. About 12.5% of fast-food diners ordered burgers for breakfast in 2004, compared with 7.5% in 2003, reports Sandelman & Associates, a restaurant consulting firm.
It’s not just burgers. Chick-fil-A soon will roll out tiny chicken breakfast sandwich packs. Sonic Drive-In serves its full menu all day

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  1. Lets see…now that there are “no smoking allowed” restaurants, it shouldn’t be long before there are “no obese people allowed” restaurants. If that’s the case, then Hardee’s with their 5,000,000 calorie burger will be the only place that the “width and breadth challenged” will be able to go. Maybe that’s the idea. Of course, people are still missing out on potential, for “no alcohol allowed”, “no foul language allowed”, “no impolitically correct thought allowed” restaurants have yet to open. Yet. Or “No foreign car owners allowed” places either. The list, like much in this world, goes on and on.