Caribou’s Coffee Consciousness

I just spent a few days in Minnesota, which allowed me to get my morning espresso fix at Minneapolis-based Caribou Coffee. While in their Northwoods cabin-like retail environment, I noticed some interesting table tents that describe Caribou’s commitment to sourcing coffees produced in environmentally and socially responsible ways through best-practices farm management.
Turns out Caribou is working with the Rainforest Alliance to certify its coffees.
By the end of 2008, 50% of Caribou’s coffees will be Rainforest Alliance certified.

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  1. Great coffee stuff.Gourmet coffee at coffeebreakusa(dot)com

  2. Caribou is not “Minneapolis Based”. It host’s it’s operations in Brooklyn Center and is Middle Eastern Based. It was sold to financiers from Gulf Countries years ago.

  3. My bad. For those who don’t know the intracacies of east central Minnesota geography, Brooklyn Center is an outlying area of Minneapolis-St. Paul.