Caribou Herd To Swell On Friday

According to Reuters, Caribou Coffee is taking advantage of a Starbucks promotion gone awry, honoring coupons that Seattle-based coffee giant declared void this week.
Caribou said Friday that it would give free medium Cold Press iced coffee, iced Americano or iced tea to anyone presenting one of Starbucks’ iced coffee coupons that have been widely circulated on the Internet.
Caribou’s intent for the promotion is to get customers to try its cold press ice coffee, which is made by steeping coffee in cold water for 12 hours, rather than taking regularly brewed coffee and pouring it over ice.
Caribou, which has 416 locations in 16 states and the District of Columbia, said it will honor the Starbucks coupons from noon until the close of business on Sept. 8.

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  1. Good move on Caribou’s part. Here’s some info on the original Starbucks mess: