Carey Vs. Carey

According to China View, pop star Mariah Carey is worried fans could confuse her with American porn star Mary Carey.
Mariah Carey filed suit Friday in Los Angeles to prevent the star of movies such as “Double Air Bags 11” and “Boobsville Sorority Girls” from trademarking her similar-sounding stage name.
The adult film actress, whose real name is Mary Cook, said Friday she would not be intimidated by the international superstar and will continue her trademark application.

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  • HighJive

    actually, the late Cubs broadcaster Harry Carey probably has a legitimate greivance here…


    NO way u can misstake the two.Carey Underwood has much more class and talent.Plus she dos’nt have to expose herself to get real attintion.

  • daveednyc

    I confuse Drew Carey and Jim Carrey all the time. But I think Mariah and Mary ARE the same person. Those boobs don’t lie.

  • HighJive

    come to think of it, HAIRY CARAY would make a great name for a porn actress.