Caption Writing Contest

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One of the great things about a blog is the level of interaction with readers made possible by comments. AdPulp has some incredibly witty readers and to showcase that wealth of wit, we’re conducting a caption wrting contest for the above image. The best caption (as judged by yours truly) will be taken from the comments area and placed here, in the post.
Thanks for playing.

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  1. “Hootie and the Blowjob”
    “I Only Wanna Be With Alex Bogusky”
    “Shilling for Burger King. But dressed like a Burger Queen.”
    “Where are the rest of the Village People?”
    “Boy, I’d give anything to go back 10 years”
    “Extra cheese, please.”

  2. “Shilling for Burger King. But dressed like a Burger Queen.” is top notch work. I’ll be interested to see who can top that.

  3. The Late David Ogilvy says:

    “Shoot me now. For the love of God, please shoot me now.”

  4. “Zoloft Miracles”
    “Back from the Brink of Irrelevance”
    “Lenny got the Gap spot”

  5. “Hootie tries parody, but is no ‘Weird Al’. Slips back into obscurity.”

  6. “Michael Jackson still sells records. I sell sandwiches.”
    Oh the irony.

  7. “oh there ain’t no snow
    and the residuals flow
    on the Big Ad Candy Mountain”

  8. The John Hartford reference above got me thinking lyrically. Here’s some appropriate Glenn Campbell:
    There’s been a load of compromisin’
    On the road to my horizon
    But I’m gonna be where the lights are shinin’ on me

  9. Bazing saddles! Blazing burgers! Have it your way homey.

  10. “You bring the buns, I’ll bring the meat. Yeah!”

  11. Funny that you mention this spot. I’ve been meaning to put up an entry in my blog about it.
    My big point would be that I am almost positive this commercial was inspired by a children’s video that my son just absolutely loved as a toddler. It’s call the Wee Sing train.
    We called it ‘Train is a comin'” after the chorus. Go rent this and tell me that I am not right. It’s a totally Americana trip that could have been sung by David Grisman and Jerry Garica “Hey Mr. Nickerbocker, Clackity Clack.” The agency just presented it through the eyes of David LaChapelle.
    On the caption I will have to go with Danny G’s ‘Train’ of thought:
    “It’s good to know that members of The Village People can still get work.”
    P.S. The latest version of this commercial cut the line about ‘a nice caboose'” What-up with that?

  12. Hootie does Burger King. Somehow, this makes me sad.

    I mean, I don’t actually care about Hootie and the Blowfish or anything, but damn. Hootie, when you donned that lavender, Prince-meets-Bonanza cowboy outfit and started hawking flamed-broiled burgers, didn’t it occur to you just once: Maybe we should h…