Caption It #7

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  • Jennifer

    So… what? They deliver now?

  • Josh Hallett

    In a move that has analysts baffled McDonald’s corporation purchased the remnants of the commercial airline ValuJet. The airline will be relaunched as Extra ValuJet to compete with Hooter’s Air.

  • Steve Jerman

    You’ll get Hot Apple Pie in the Sky when you Die.

  • McChronicles

    I’m flyin’ it!

  • McChronicles

    Join The Mile High Cholesterol Club

  • American Copywriter

    Whose the clown flyin’ this thing?
    Sir, I’m sorry, people like you are required to buy two seats.
    Three words: Happy Barf Bag

  • Sean G

    “Would you like a flight to Tulsa with that?”
    “Bagdad airport this is Operation McFreedom requesting runway coordinates, over.”
    Come fry with me.

  • T

    The best part is the exhaust pumps out that intoxicating french fry smell.