Caption It #7

McPlane 31.jpg

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  1. So… what? They deliver now?

  2. In a move that has analysts baffled McDonald’s corporation purchased the remnants of the commercial airline ValuJet. The airline will be relaunched as Extra ValuJet to compete with Hooter’s Air.

  3. You’ll get Hot Apple Pie in the Sky when you Die.

  4. I’m flyin’ it!

  5. Join The Mile High Cholesterol Club

  6. 1.
    Whose the clown flyin’ this thing?
    Sir, I’m sorry, people like you are required to buy two seats.
    Three words: Happy Barf Bag

  7. “Would you like a flight to Tulsa with that?”
    “Bagdad airport this is Operation McFreedom requesting runway coordinates, over.”
    Come fry with me.

  8. The best part is the exhaust pumps out that intoxicating french fry smell.