Caption It #26

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Native Nebraskan in the Pacific Northwest. Chief Storyteller at Bonehook, a guide service and bait shop for brands. Co-founder and editor of AdPulp. Contributor to The Content Strategist. Doer of the things written about herein.

  • Anthony Juliano

    Is “Stairway to Heaven” a slow-dance song, or a fast-dance song? The debate continues.

  • Nesta

    Send us another brother, Moses.

  • Nancy

    Knights in White Satin, the theme to our junior/senior prom 1976, the bicentennial year.
    (Please post the sequel photos here, david.
    Sadie Hawkins will have to wait her turn.)
    ((Michelle, how shall I say this. I need to make you see;
    these are things that go together well, ma bell.))

  • HighJive

    out with the old, in with the older.

  • mj

    God willing – the 43rd and 44th President’s of the United States.


    “celebrating the latest same-sex marriage ruling in san francisco…”