Can K-Swiss Have It Both Ways?

Ukranian tennis star, Alona Bondarenko, appears suggestively in the new K-Swiss ad campaign.
So what’s with the headline? It’s almost as if the brand is saying, “Hey, this is a tennis star, not a sex object.” Except they’re not.
Toth Brand Imaging is behind the work.

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  1. The ad is telling the model not to pee on the court. Bad model.

  2. Obviously faked. Terrible Photoshop job.

  3. She appears to be not comfortable in the position they choose for her.
    Otherwise solid approach – I want to use it in

  4. She’s a very beautiful girl and player tennis!

  5. Sam Young says:

    Check out the hottest looking WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of Wimbledon winners


  7. Take a look at the pics of Alona – linked with my name and you see, how beautiful she is.

  8. maybe she is just trying to raise her serotonin levels? this is a negative ad against prozac.