Can Kia Connect?

Hyundai has managed to appeal to more upscale consumers. Now Kia wants in on the action.

Thus the new Kia Borrego, a mid-size SUV with an impressive list of features, standard three row seating, and an available 337hp V8 engine.
According to Colin Jeffery, ECD at Kia’s agency, David&Goliath, “After spending time with the Borrego, it became very clear to us what the positioning and creative platform should be. The first time we took the Borrego out for a drive people were staring. At a traffic light in Manhattan Beach, a fellow driver actually asked us what kind of SUV we were driving. He was genuinely impressed.”

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  1. Nice spot. Nice car. Budget well spent.

  2. didnt goodby pull the same punchline for their superbowl spot? this one is better than that, but still, it was just done.

  3. That was a great spot. Really well done..