Can The Commercial Also Be The Main Feature?

Since when do adverts get their own teaser and worldwide premier?

British Airways’ new 90-second commercial will be featured on the airline’s Facebook page starting at 6am EST tomorrow, and begin airing in the US on TV, in newspapers and online next week.

Keith Williams, British Airways’ chief executive, said: “The motto To Fly. To Serve. is part of the DNA of British Airways. It is on our coat of arms, and it is worn in crew uniforms. And it has real meaning and resonance for today.”

B.A. wants to put its customer at the heart of everything it does. I guess that’s where this Facebook launch is coming from. Let the fans see the spot before the general public. I’m not sure anyone cares all that much, but we’ll know more tomorrow.

UPDATE: Here’s what all the anticipation was about…

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