Camp Mocs And A Fisherman’s Sweater, Man You’re Looking Good

The Wall Street Journal is noting that today’s urban hipster is in search of timeless Americana and finding it in heritage brands.

After years where a sexual ambiguity ruled, today’s menswear designers are taking cues from yellow-paged copies of Field & Stream and L.L. Bean catalogs. Pioneering names like Barbour, Filson and Stetson are catchwords of the moment, while Gucci, Prada and Helmut Lang are sounding almost…passé.

Of course, just because you look like you’re ready to chop wood and carry water doesn’t mean you have an axe and pail at the ready.
It’s important (to me) to make the distinction between fashion and function. Maybe rugged wear can lead one to hunt and fish and paddle a canoe. Whatever it takes, I guess.

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