Calcium Deprived Aliens Steal Our Milk Source

Journalists hate the abduction of their sacred news pages by advertising, particularly when it is disguised as editorial. Something tells me no one is going to care too much that supermarket tabloid, Weekly World News has been so co-opted.
Here’s a bit from the tabloid’s web site:

In its March 13th issue, the Weekly World News brings you the world exclusive story of the mysterious cow abductions that have been taking place all over California. Theories range from calcium deprived aliens to lactose intolerant radical fringe groups. Now we’re concerned that this may be occurring in other states as well and we need your help.

Ad Age reports that this is actually part of a Goodby Silverstein campaign for the California Milk Processors.

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  1. dairy air says:

    Shouldn’t they be encoding these messages into electric fences? Silly? Cows can’t read WWN while sipping their morning coffee like humans read milk cartons. I have it on good word from Elsie and the cow, who wishes to remain anonymous but did jump over the moon, that they have a secret language that only the aliens in previous reports of WWN would understand. I do, too, understand that is…but that doesn’t mean I’m from Mars or Venus.
    Light years away, my friends, light years away. Farewell to college days, blast off at the break of day.ay. ay.
    Through our last night on shore, drink to the foam,
    Until we meet once more,
    Here’s wishing you a happy voyage home.