Buzz Marketing Causes Bit Of A Headache

Like the VW suicide bomber spot I’ve tried to avoid, I also intentionally passed on the “Andrew Fischer’s head as clever media buy” story. So, why cover either story now? Because it’s believed both are hoaxes.
According to comments made on Adrants, the wining eBay bidder for ad space on the Omaha man’s head, Melody de Rivel, is the daughter of Snore Stop’s CEO. de Rivel’s winning bid totaled $37,375.
Now rumor has it that the two pranksters went to college together and that this whole thing is a publicity stunt. Rumors are also circulating that someone at VW greenlighted the recent suicide bomber spot, which has spread over the net like cancer.

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  1. Marketing Vox is reporting that Lee and Dan have now denied VW had anything to do with the viral TV spot, reversing earlier claims.