Buttered Up Dishes On Pinterest Help Feed The Hungry

Hunger in America. These are words that ought to be incomprehensible to us, but sadly they’re not. For 1 in 6 people in the United States, hunger is a reality.

Pin a Meal. Give a Meal.-1

In a nation that grows as much food as we do, this rate of hunger is a crime. Yet, we have no Hunger Police to round up the perps. So, we’re left to do what we can through direct service, charitable organizations and corporate concerns.

For example, Land O’Lakes is working with hunger-relief charity Feeding America to address the problem.

Care of Colle+McVoy in Minneapolis, Land O’Lakes new “Pin a Meal, Give a Meal” promotion encourages people to share recipes on Pinterest. For every Land O’Lakes meal pinned, the company will donate $1 to Feeding America. Miraculously, this one dollar provides eight meals to those in need.

Feeding America helps provide 37 million low-income Americans with emergency food assistance each year.

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  1. I never realized so many people in America are going hungry. I think that is it great that Land O’Lakes is working with the hunger relief program. Every penny counts. The “Pin a Meal, Give a Meal” is a great idea. Millions of people around the United States use Pinterest and can easily contribute to this cause. Every dollar contributes to eight meals… That can feed a person for a few days. Feeding America is a great way to help the hungry. I know I will spread the word about “Pin a Meal, Give a Meal.”