Bump Stern From His Perch

According to Slate, both Sirius and XM accept unsolicited pitches for shows and channels, although the odds of actually getting on the air are slim if your idea comes in over the transom. If you’re not a celebrity, you’re more likely to succeed if you have broadcast experience, a strong pitch for a show, and a demo tape. XM accepts brief e-mail pitches at programming@xmradio.com, and Sirius suggests sending your show idea to the programming department by U.S. mail.

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  1. Slate, david, SLATE ? ! !
    Now that filled me up with cheer today. laughable. Like Slate (in MS time) never took messages from their forums for their own good without credit.
    It was okay if you were a big name. You got billings. But if you were just some crazy idea from Tennessee- well, let me just say I was bored and watched the tactics plenty of times. What else is a house sitter to do?
    Carry me off with the rest of the fish in the cuckoos nest.