Buds Don’t Let Buds Drink Swill, Or Do They?

Have you seen Anomaly’s new work for Budweiser?

Keith Levy, vp of marketing at Anheuser-Busch InBev, talks about the new “Grab some Buds” work in an Adweek interview.

How would you describe the work stylistically?
It’s very visual. . . A lot of the Budweiser work, even if you go back over the years, has been fairly copy intensive. There’s not one spoken word in the campaign. So, what you’re going to have is a lot of beautiful visuals, camera angles and great music, which sort of builds as the spot builds in that feeling of anticipation and pays off with a fairly big crescendo. Again, [it’s this feeling of this culmination of a great day or a great night [that’s] about to happen because your friends and Budweiser surround you.
Compared to last year’s “It’s what we do” campaign, from DDB, are you trying to shift to a more emotional space?
Yeah, very emotional, very emotional. It’s a little different than what people are used to in terms of traditional beer advertising. You’re a brand that stood the test of time, you’re iconic, some might say, but you want people to look at it in a different light. I think this does exactly that, which is what we’re counting on. And we’re counting on it to appeal to people on a different level.

By the way, Anomaly’s home page is presently showing their allegiance to the brand.

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  1. Hmm. Groovy, new age agency does oldest beer spot in the book – cool vignettes (rock, sports, chicks, blah and blah) with anthemic (can instrumental be anthemic?) track. And round and round she goes… Nicely executed nonetheless.