Brin And Page Drop $1.8 Billion In A Day

According to Bloomberg, Google shares slid 13% yesterday, their biggest-ever decline, after finance chief George Reyes said growth is slowing at the world’s most-used Internet search engine.
Bringing perspective to the news, Valley Wag reports:

Sergey Brin is worth $888.3 million less than yesterday. No news yet on how his swagger has been affected.
Larry Page’s fortune dropped by $910.5 million. Guess Lucy’s buying dinner tonight.

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  1. It’s all on paper.
    Bloomberg also fails to mention that 5 weeks ago the stock was trading in the 470’s. the spooked-panic selling that took place yesterday on the CFO’s comments pales in comparison to the drop over those five weeks (on earnings disappointments).
    Counterpoint, a year ago, the stock traded in the 170s. so sitting at 365 and change as it is at the time I’m commenting looks like a good picture to me.
    Google is profitable, continues to have a moderate growth, but casual investors expected/hoped/wanted them to maintain an unmaintainable growth rate which overvalued the stock.
    It’s all relative I guess…