Breaking Creative: Cingular’s iTunes-Enabled Motorola Phone

Apple/Cingular/Motorola just announced the new iTunes enabled phone and Cingular has their TV spots posted.
Available Here
And as a side note to any Apple/Cingular/Motorola folks who may be regular readers, David and I would be open to an ad space trade-out for a couple o’phones 🙂

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  1. I use T-Mobile, but could be persuaded to use Cingular if a free iPhone was in the works.
    Business 2.0 believes it won’t be long before we can opt for an Apple-branded iPhone.

  2. Good service

  3. I also have t-mobile and I am planning to switch to cingular within the next month. I have a ton of music on my computer and I would like to purchase the rockr. my issue is buying the same music that I have already purchased thats on my PC. shouldn’t I be allowed to download my music on the rockr when I’ve already paid for it? another question I have….is the software able to load on a PC instead of a mac?

  4. To the best of my knowledge, the phone is compatible with both the Mac and Windows. You phone will connect via USB to the computer and iTunes will allow you to tranfer your music to the phone.
    No need to repurchase your music.