Branded Tweets on the Rise

BusinessWeek is taking notice of the growing legions of corporate Tweeters.

A growing number of companies are keeping track of what’s said about their brands on Twitter. Comcast, Dell, General Motors, H&R Block, Kodak, and Whole Foods Market are among a handful of companies haunting Twitter to do everything from burnish brands to provide customer service.
For companies, tools such as Tweetscan or Twitter’s own search tool, formerly known as Summize, make it easy to unearth a company’s name mentioned in tweets. “Why wouldn’t you want to be able to take care of that person at the moment when it’s most important?” says JetBlue’s Morgan Johnston. The services are free, helping keep costs low.
Dell has more than 20 official Twitter accounts, each managed by an individual, not a faceless business unit.

When I searched the word “AdPulp” on, I found that our posts are being tweeted by a Turkish fan.

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