Brand Planner Gets Her Hands Dirty In Cranberry Bog

A cognitive scientist in the employ of Arnold is responsible for clouding up what was once a very simple execution. Yuo know the one—two men in the role of cranberry growers stand knee-deep in a bog. The duo has been appearing in Ocean Spray ads since late 2005. But now the growers have company in the bog. Now there’s a group of women exercising behind them. You know, because cranberry bogs make such great work out areas.
According to The Wall Street Journal, Lisa Haverty, the cognitive sceintist in question, believes the presence of the women exercising will form a question in the consumer’s mind about why they’re exercising. People will want to seek an answer, which will make the image more memorable.

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  1. conitive generated absurdity says:

    Would someone please escort the cognitive theorists out of the consumer mind before they cause more irreparable goods on this society.