Boulderites Look Forward To The Sobering Reality Of Doing Business In Chicago

from the company’s web site: “Cereality

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  1. Sounds like Pat is a bacon-and-eggs kind of guy.

  2. hugh macleod says:

    I can’t decide on this one.
    It’s either a great idea or a crap idea. Probably the latter.
    One of the founders is an ex-art director. That DOES NOT surprise me. I think of a guy in a pony tail and Reeboks, sitting at his Mac G5, downloading bootleg Yo La Tengo MP3s onto his iPod, going “I know! Let’s start a FUN business!”

  3. A FUN business. Like Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney would repeatedly say in their 1930’s movies, “Let’s put on a SHOW!”