Blowing Bubbles While The Peninsula Burns

With all the deals being made in internet land these days, it’s only right that a blog called “Bubble 2.0” would float.

Bubble 2.0?
The signs are all around us. First a mainstream business publication quotes Howard Rheingold. Then Esther Dyson starts making investments. Before you know it, there’s a new Vespa store in downtown Austin. Is it Internet 2.0? Maybe. Is it Bubble 2.0? Only time will tell. But along the way, we’ll be following the signs, and invite you to follow along.
This site is maintained by Charlie Wood, a Bubble 1.0 survivor and avid blogger.
The site’s tagline, “Please God, just one more bubble!”, was seen on a bumper sticker in Silicon Valley during the nuclear winter of 2000-2004.

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