Bloggers Get New Machines In Return For Words

Jen Chung of Gothamist is participating in a new brand-sponsored group blog at Each week a moderator asks Intel’s small group of prominent bloggers a question. The chosen ones blog their responses.
The introductory query was, “Why do you blog and what is one thing you have accomplished through blogging that you are most proud of?”
Chung’s response (in part):

My friends and I would e-mail each other with links to interesting and/or strange stories about New York. Then we decided to make our contributions into a group blog, and that’s how Gothamist was born.
Even though I had been living in New York for seven years, I realized that I barely knew the city beyond my usual haunts (my neighborhood, where I worked, where the good restaurants and bars were). I’ve learned more about New York by blogging, and now I look at the city and how it works more closely.

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