Blogebrtity On Blogging Obsession

Blogebrity: As the end of another year arrives, personal bloggers take stock in their lives. Unlike professional bloggers, their blogs are a labor of love. Sometimes, they begin to realize that that they have neglected their real lives in order to satisfy their blogging obsession. Their real friendships have disappeared, their marriages have broken up, they were fired from their job for blogging during work hours.
Some just need to take a break, like South Florida’s beloved Babbling Brooke.

“Today it became clear to me how much I am neglecting other aspects of my life. I have not been working out or taking care of myself. I have been staying up too late and waking up too early in order to spend more time on my computer. I have ignored phone calls from friends to write comments or posts, or even just to IM. But most of all, I have personal aspects of my life that need to be dealt with, and unfortunately I can’t deal with them here.”

Should we feel sympathy for these stressed-out bloggers?
I call these personal bloggers just plain selfish. When they take a break, it makes every other blogger insecure about all the time THEY are spending doing this crazy thing that doesn’t earn them one penny.

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  1. It’s funny how humans can often find it easier to form a relationship with something that isn’t human… the dog, the cat, the car, the TV and now the blog. I wonder if it is a healthy form of release or just escapism.

  2. Every time I push the pedal down on my bicycle, I’m sure it’s a release. Now when I push the pedal down and let go of the clutch in my car, it’s most often an escape.
    Either way, the world is zoomin by next to me or I’m zoomin by the rest of them… and it’s all a sense of blur going round.