Black Is The New Black

from The Telegraph: If there is one woman in the world who can state with conviction that “black IS the new black” it is Miuccia Prada.
She made that pronouncement after her stark and simple autumn/winter 2005/2006 collection at Milan Fashion week last night. No matter that she was wearing a white cotton shirt-dress with red high-heeled shoes at the time; perversity is part of Prada’s charm.
“Black is a very important colour and it is coming back. After a while you get fed up with colour and print,” she said. “Now it is time to be serious. Less fun, no frills. Last year we used fashion to escape from our problems. Now, we need to be more realistic and show ourselves to be more substantial.”

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  1. I hate to be picky, but Ms. Prada is clueless about color. She refers to “black being the new color” when black is NOT a color, it is a shade. White is a tint. Ask any painter or artist.

  2. Sounds like you’ve got PMS, Clyde.

  3. Hmmmm… I’m thinking I should start fisking the big fashion houses…
    I like Prada, but it’s still factory-made 😉
    (Scratches head…)
    Hey, really impressed with how Adpulp is developing these days =)

  4. Fashion is possibly the least necessary concept on the planet.